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How to gain weight in a healthy way

Like being obese, being underweight is also not at all good for one’s health. Being underweight can bring upon lot of health challenges like fatigue, weak immune system, and other problems.  A good immune system helps to fight germs and viruses and keep you away from diseases. So it is important to maintain a balanced weight, which could add to the wellbeing of an individual.

If you are one who has been striving to gain weight but is not yet successful, you must head towards a good dietitian to get the proper guidance to help you gain the required weight as per your height, physique or any other relevant criteria.  Delhi NCR is one of the most popular cities offering the best medial facilities in the country. There are numerous good and reputed weight gain dietitians in Delhi who are experienced in their field and can help those who desire to maintain a good weight for a healthy life. 

Dr Neha Agarwal is one such weight gain dietitians in delhi who is renowned for her skills and experience. With her guidance and your determination, you will be able to gain weight as per your body’s requirement.  Dr Agarwal will help you gain weight in the healthiest way to boost your immunity and to stay away from diseases. 

Being underweight can be due to many reasons.  It may be due to family genetics, illness, high metabolism, mental tensions and so on. Be it any case, regaining your actual weight or gaining the desired weight is something that can be as difficult as losing weight. So it is important to seek proper medical counsel or visit a weight gain dietitian.

Besides, being underweight also increases many risks such as, nutritional deficiencies, fertility problems, fatigue, problems of the skin, hair or teeth, osteoporosis and weakened immune system. And when you have a weakened immune system you are more prone to diseases and virus attacks like Covid19. So get an appointment with Dr Agarwal soon and gain enough weight to sustain viruses and diseases.    

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