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Worried about obesity? Visit a dietitian now

A dietitian is a healthcare professional who has special proficiency in nutrition. A dietitian offers counselling on nutrition along with offering best diet plans for weight loss.

During counselling, a dietitian closely monitors your eating habits and sets easy and achievable nutrition goals for you. This might require the person to meet his/her dietitian few times a month or may be once a week, so that the progress of the program can be tracked.

With the guidance and support of dietitian for weight loss, you can help in achieving realistic weight loss goals set for you.

A dietitian prepares complete nutrition chart for you and prescribes the amount of calories to eat per day to lose weight safely and rapidly. Also, they help you know the amount of calorie that your body needs for shedding the required weight. 

For many people who are willing to lose weight, the main concern is always about the food. Most of the time, we are not sure about what all food items to include in our diet and what all should be removed. Moreover, even if we are eating well, we are not sure about the portion sizes that we are supposed to consume. In such situation, the best dietitian in delhi for weight loss can help us in making the right choice to benefit us positively.

One such well-known and dedicated dietitian is Dr. Neha Agarwal, who is a Consultant Nutritionist and Dietitian in Delhi specializing in weight loss and child health.  Dr. Agarwal is a thorough professional and doesn’t believe in starving her patients through dieting. Rather she works with the motto of ‘Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy’ – with no monotonous or starving diets, no medication, and no vigorous exercise. 

We highly recommend Dr. Agarwal for all your obesity related worries.

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